Double Play features a live single or duo and DJ at the same party to capture the perfect combination of entertainment. Double Play has been performing shows all over Long Island including private parties, weddings and many outdoor venues for over 25 years continuing to build a larger following and consistently hearing great reviews. We take pride in playing the appropriate music for each party, paying special attention to volume to make sure everybody is comfortable.
I play guitar, piano and sing. As a duo we both sing and harmonize creating the sound of a five piece band. Our live band, DJ combo has been a big hit pleasing all tastes in music.If your getting married, please please come see us before you waste 6,7 or $8,000 on 4 hours of music, I would rather you take most of that on your honeymoon so before you book please come see us first. So if your looking for great music and lots of fun at a price that doesn't hurt, click on the calendar button to see where we'll be next and come see what we do.When you do, make sure you come up and say hi.