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Double Play features a single, duo or DJ combination at the same party for the perfect combination of entertainment.

I have been playing weddings, private parties and clubs for many years with nothing but great reviews.

I play piano, guitar and sing as a single. As a duo we both sing and harmonize sounding like a five-piece band. We play live for an hour or so then switch to DJ mode to spin your favorite hits, going back and forth from live to DJ to please all your guest's taste in music. Before spending $6-8,000 on 4 hours of music, please come see what we do first. I'd rather you take that money on your honeymoon. Click on the "Contact Us" button to send us your information: date, time, location and type of event you'll be having and let's talk about your party. Check out our Calendar and come see us at our next gig.

Thanks for checking into Double Play and we'll see you on the dance floor.